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5 Simple Steps to Maximizing Your Physician Contract Strategy in 2024

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Webinar Overview

2024 is just around the corner. In the new year, hospitals will need to continue to focus on reducing administrative burden on their teams, while also improving financial outcomes. But to do that successfully, you have to start at the core of your provider strategy, and ask yourself one simple question: Are your provider contract processes in tip-top shape? If they’re not, it likely increases your organization’s chances of payment errors, compliance violations and frustrated teams. There’s a better way that innovative hospitals are choosing – and that’s with physician payment automation. 

In this session, our hospital expert will demonstrate:

Why administrative agreements, such as medical directorships and on-call arrangements, are often the "low hanging fruit" in provider contracts.

Steps to optimize your provider contract strategy with payment automation, resulting in improved alignment and reduced administrative burden.

How other cutting-edge systems are leveraging physician payment automation to improve their business operations, saving money and time.

About Ludi

Ludi, Inc. is a health care technology company making it easier for hospitals to pay physicians. Ludi’s DocTime® Suite automates the payment process for any type of physician arrangement, from a signed contract to payment. We’re trusted by hundreds of hospitals nationwide to simplify how they pay their physician teams.

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