Free Access to Time-Tracking Solution During COVID-19 Crisis

'DocTime Log Lite' Makes It Easier For Medical Professionals To Get Compensated For Their Hard Work and Contributions During the COVID-19 Crisis

Hospitals are rapidly mobilizing their teams in response to COVID-19. As a way to support this unprecedented effort, Ludi is offering a free and condensed version of our physician time-tracking app, DocTime Log, to the entire medical community.  We want to make it easier for ALL health care workers to ensure they are appropriately paid for their work during the pandemic.

How Does it Work?

With DocTime Log Lite, any medical professional — regardless of whether your organization is a customer of Ludi’s or not — can download our app and document their hours/shifts or other work, via computer, phone or other mobile device. The information captured within the app can be exported into an easy-to-read PDF format for the practitioner and emailed to whomever oversees payments at their facility or hospital. 

Ludi’s free app helps in many different scenarios, including time tracking for:

  • Extra hours or shifts beyond normal work, and in a new location
  • Locum tenens 
  • Telehealth/virtual consultations
  • Paying independent doctors (1099) more easily
  • Health care workers who were not previously on payroll or had a contract in place
  • Any medical professional at your organization (MD, DO, APN, PA, RN, Clinical Pharmacist, etc.)
  • Other time-tracking needs

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Please note: If you’re requesting access for multiple medical professionals at a facility, please email us directly at:

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