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  • multiple facilities
  • 305 hospital beds
  • 100+ time logs/month

Stamford Health, a multi-facility system in Connecticut with a 305-bed hospital, found it difficult to manage manually a hundred time logs each month. After implementing Ludi’s solution, Stamford Health was able to save $259,000 annually.

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  • multiple facilities
  • 607 acute care beds
  • 4700+ associates
  • 900+ partner physicians

Kennedy Health struggled with time tracking and spend management. After implementing Ludi’s solution, the hospital quickly achieved 97+ percent physician adoption, and was able to consolidate data and improve cost reporting.

on Physician Administrative Contracts: 2018 Survey Report

Ludi surveyed hospital executives and managers nationwide to find out how they track, manage and pay on physician administrative contracts.

Seventy-five percent of the 28 respondents were from organizations that have 250 or more beds.

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Our client was named one of Modern Healthcare's Top Innovators of 2019 for her implementation of our DocTime Log app!