Why Us?

Ludi's mission is to empower hospitals and health systems with innovative technology that makes paying physicians easier and optimizing "physician spend" – an overlooked financial category in hospital management – more actionable.

Our vision is to become the for health systems and hospitals nationwide in optimizing their physician spend. ​

Being the best means leveraging our state-of-the-art technology and unique market experience to inspire our customers. It also means helping them strengthen relationships with physician partners, so they, in turn, can focus on their passion: helping patients.

Our Story

Our flagship product DocTime Log® – the original physician time-tracking app and financial management system – is the brainchild of our Founder and CEO Gail Peace. Gail developed DocTime Log after working for many years as a health system executive, where she recognized the need to modernize the way hospitals pay their medical teams based on their contracts or arrangements. At the same time, Gail wanted to shed a light on an emerging and critical financial category in hospital financial management called, “physician spend” – the total dollar amount hospitals spend on their physician contracts. Since our inception in 2012, Ludi has helped more than 250 hospitals and health systems nationwide save millions of dollars, enhance compliance efforts and build physician satisfaction and engagement.

Our Team

Gail Peace photo
GAIL PEACE President & CEO

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Ludi's team of physician-advocacy experts has decades of industry knowledge and experience. Here's who we are as a company and what we value:

Michelle Harmon photo
MICHELLE HARMON Chief Strategy Officer
MARK RODGERS Chief Technology Officer
Danielle O'Rourke photo
DANIELLE O'ROURKE Chief Operating Officer
Jeff Hyman photo
JEFF HYMAN Vice President of Marketing and PR
Kristin Waller photo
KRISTIN WALLER Vice President of Implementation
Cooper McGoodwin photo
COOPER MCGOODWIN Senior Director of Product
Lucy Sonnamaker photo
LUCY SONNAMAKER Director of Service
Carter Cowardin photo
CARTER COWARDIN Director of Client Experience
Amy Bernadt photo
AMY BERNADT Director of Implementation
Adam Goldsmith photo
ADAM GOLDSMITH Senior Account Manager
Amanda Sleightholm photo
Aaron Morse photo
AARON MORSE Account Manager
Katie Caruthers photo
Michael Slay photo
MICHAEL SLAY Regional Director
Sean Melnick photo
SEAN MELNICK Regional Director
Hollie Wehrle photo
HOLLIE WEHRLE Digital Marketing Manager
JAYANT MANDHARE Operations Analyst
Brittany Adams bio image
BRITTANY ADAMS Marketing Strategy Coordinator
EMMY BONDERER MATTHEWS Implementation Coordinator

Ludi's Results

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We're teaming up with Gallagher & Becker's Hospital Review for our webinar on the future of physician compensation.