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Ludi is a Women-Owned & Led Business

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Women-owned businesses have demonstrated their resilience and significant contributions to the US economy. Although women still face disparities in business ownership, their impact cannot be overlooked. In 2019, women-led businesses employed 10.1 million workers and generated $1.8 trillion in receipts.

Notably, the number of employer firms owned by women grew at a rate of six percent between 2014 and 2016, double the growth rate of firms owned by men. This growth was particularly driven by a remarkable 14 percent increase in employer businesses owned by minority women. These statistics highlight the immense economic potential and positive outcomes that women-owned businesses bring. At Ludi, we're proud of our achievements as a women-owned and led business.

Source: United States Small Business Administration (

General Stats

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Women-owned firms make up approximately 20% of all employer-owned firms
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Of women-owned businesses are young firms that have been operating for 5 years or less
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Most women-owned firms are small with over one half of them having 1-4 employees



Ludi's Stats

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At Ludi, our team is made up of more than 60% women
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Ludi's leadership team is comprised of about 70% women​
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Ludi is proud to be in the 40% of women-owned firms that have been in business for 11+ years

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Ludi, Inc. is a healthcare technology company making it easier for hospitals to pay physicians. Ludi’s DocTime Suite automates the payment process for any type of physician arrangement, from a signed contract to payment. We’re trusted by hundreds of hospitals nationwide to simplify how they pay their physician teams.

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