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A Quick Guide for Hospitals

5 Things Every Physician Contract
Should Have

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Physician arrangements are complex. If a hospital pays a doctor incorrectly, that can result in a compliance violation. And Stark Law interprets any accidental error as punishable with the same severity as fraud. So, it's important to ensure your physician arrangements are in tip-top (compliance) shape!

Download our complimentary guide highlighting 5 tips for effective physician contracts.

This Guide Will Help You

Discover 5 practical tips you can share with your team to reduce risk with your physician contracts

Understand the specific do's and don'ts around payment rates, job duties and other contract terms

Better understand why automation is a crucial factor with physician arrangements

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Ludi, Inc. is a healthcare technology company making it easier for hospitals to pay physicians. Ludi’s DocTime Suite automates the payment process for any type of physician arrangement, from a signed contract to payment. We’re trusted by hundreds of hospitals nationwide to simplify how they pay their physician teams.

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