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Are you struggling with managing physician contracts and compensation?

It doesn't have to be that way.

Many hospitals are looking to close a critical operational gap in their organization: how to pay their physician partners more easily. And it makes sense. Managing physician compensation can be very complex and time-consuming for hospital teams.

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Why is Paying Physicians So Challenging?

Here are the top factors that make physician payments complex:

  • Manual documentation collection, approval and payment processes
  • Disparate departments with limited communication
  • Rigorous regulatory documentation requirements
  • Complex contractual arrangements
  • Complex calculations and payment methodologies
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Ludi recently conducted a survey of hospitals regarding their physician compensation processes. Here's what they had to say:

Nearly 50% of hospitals are concerned with accurately paying doctors.
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68% of physicians said hospitals should alleviate administrative burden to increase their overall satisfaction
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80% of hospitals agreed better technology can help address admin burden on doctors
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What are the Benefits of Physician Compensation Software?

Physician compensation software can help:

  • Automate and streamline physician contract processes that are paper-driven and time-consuming 
  • Reduce administrative time processing physician payments 
  • Increase visibility into payments in one source of truth system
  • Heighten compliance safeguards
  • Improve satisfaction of physician staff

How Can Ludi Help?

Ludi makes it easier for hospitals to pay their physicians. DocTime® Suite automates the payment process for any type of physician arrangement, from a signed contract all the way through to payment by offering:
  • A single integrated solution to manage any type of compensation arrangement (wRVU, medical directorships, on-call, teaching, etc.) 
  • An easy-to-use tool for physician documentation of time logs 
  • Automated approvals and payment calculations
  • Executive-level reporting and visibility into provider payments
  • Safeguards to ensure compliance with Fair Market Value and regulations like Stark Law
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About Ludi

Ludi, Inc. is a healthcare technology company making it easier for hospitals to pay physicians. Ludi’s DocTime Suite automates the payment process for any type of physician arrangement, from a signed contract to payment. We’re trusted by hundreds of hospitals nationwide to simplify how they pay their physician teams.

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