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A Quick Guide for Hospitals

How to Simplify the Physician
Payment Process

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The process of paying doctors can be time-consuming and confusing for hospital organizations. However, you can leverage a number of tactics to make managing physician payments easier. Check out our quick guide.

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In This Guide, You'll Discover

Why paying physicians can be so hard for hospitals and the potential organizational costs of cumbersome processes

New data that sheds light on how physicians feel about current payment processes and how to improve them

7 tactical steps you can take right now to streamline your approach to physician payments to improve team satisfaction and save money

About Ludi

Ludi, Inc. is a healthcare technology company making it easier for hospitals to pay physicians. Ludi’s DocTime Suite automates the payment process for any type of physician arrangement, from a signed contract to payment. We’re trusted by hundreds of hospitals nationwide to simplify how they pay their physician teams.

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