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By the 10th of each month, approvals on physician time logs should be made and physician payments should be on their way to those doctors. Is your organization ready?

Ludi simplifies the way hospitals and health systems track, manage and audit payments to their physicians.

About Us

Managing physician contracts can be tough. You have to track physician time and corresponding payments based on the complexities of each contract or arrangement. That’s where Ludi comes in. We modernize what’s typically a cumbersome, paper-based process for hospitals, and transform it into a modern physician-focused approach.


Ludi’s DocTime Technology Suite is an integrated, physician time-keeping app and financial management system. It helps hospitals streamline all of the complex tasks, rules and data associated with their physician contracts. The DocTime Suite allows doctors to track their time on-the-go using a mobile device or computer, gather the necessary approvals for that work without having to chase anyone down, and ensure payment is processed – all online, securely and quickly.

As a result, hospitals save time, money and stay within key compliance regulations, including Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statute. And physicians can focus on what they love: helping their patients.

Who Does Ludi Help?


Centralized data dashboard provides insight into physician activity and total physician spend across entire enterprise. Key metrics help you understand your financial outlay and ways to trim total expenditure.


Reduces manual processes, saving everyone time, improving productivity and helping protect against physician burnout.


Streamlines all of your physician contracts and related data in one place, so you can easily track and understand the different rules of each contract and stay within the Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute, FMV and Sunshine Act regulations. The system alerts you immediately if errors are being made so you can take action if necessary.


We partnered with HFMA to survey financial leaders nationwide about their physician compensation practices.

LUDI Covid-19 Response

We're constantly monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and want to provide resources to our partners and those on the frontlines.

Customer Stories


Our client Ritu Jain of Stamford Health was named one of Modern Healthcare’s Top Innovators of 2019 for her implementation of our DocTime Log app and financial management system, which has saved Stamford Health $259,000 annually.

Health Care Fraud Stats in 2019*

$ 0 B
in total expected financial recoveries
$ 0 B
recovered in lawsuits involving health care fraud and false claims
individuals + entities facing criminal actions
*Source: OIG Semiannual Report, FY 2019
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Ready to streamline the way you pay physicians?

We partnered with HFMA to survey financial leaders nationwide about their physician compensation practices.