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Customer Success Spotlight

Hospital Executive

St. John's Health

Partnering with Ludi was one of the easiest decisions we've made from an operational standpoint. Their dedication to and respect for the physician experience shines through in their DocTime solution. This physician-focused approach is what really made them stand out to us, and yet this factor was surprisingly missing from other, similar tech companies we looked at in the physician-payment automation space.

Introducing new technology can be challenging, but the Ludi team was instrumental in guiding the implementation to ensure launching DocTime® was easy and the system worked for our specific needs. Today, DocTime is a critical part of our operational infrastructure, and I am proud to manage a process that is not only transparent but incredibly simple for our entire team, from compliance and finance to the doctors themselves.

Erin Easterday
Contracts Manager

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

Shift Manager

Large Hospital System

Right off the bat I noticed the user interface is modern and naturally intuitive for what we are accomplishing. The walkthrough demo was validating to me because you are ultimately lessening my administrative burden for managing the docs' on-call schedules. I am impressed by Ludi's systems that are in place displaying our contracts, tracking payment status (such as who has approved times), and the ease of use for entering call logs. Ludi is a perfect representation for how hospitals need to implement managed call contracts.

I have to give major kudos to the Ludi DocTime Team for an amazing software system that is extremely user-friendly – not only for me as a contract specialist, but also our physicians that utilize the software. It has made things so much easier for our medical directors, admin physicians, etc. I also have to recognize our Ludi DocTime Account Manager who is always extremely helpful and lovely to work with. Extremely grateful for our partnership!

Physician Contract Specialist

Lee Health

Chief Medical Officer

Regional Health System on the East Coast

No one trained us in medical school to be record keepers. Ludi became a way to make it easy to have a formatted methodology to keep track of everything related to our physician contract spend. And although the term automation scares people in the healthcare industry, with Ludi, this is where automation has relieved a lot of headaches for different teams in our hospital. This includes everyone from clerical staff to medical teams and compliance team members.

The DocTime software is amazing and very easy to use! I have the app on my phone, and it saves me at least an hour a month in time processing my hours. I was very skeptical of how this software would be to use and I was very pleasantly surprised.


Marshall Medical Center

Legal Team Member

Large Hospital Client

The DocTime tool is fantastic. I recently participated in a meeting regarding a physician contract audit. My team was able to get documentation and reports right out of the system and the compliance department was thrilled! I am very excited to have it!

Every health system needs to take the time to find what skeletons may be hiding in the closet when it comes to physician contracts. DocTime is one of the key tools we leverage now to ensure all of our processes are within scope of contract and compliant with ever-changing Federal and state regulations. It’s hard to imagine a world where our team didn’t use DocTime, especially given the complex nature of physician compensation arrangements these days.

Physician Contracts Consultant

Regional Health System in Florida

Legal Team Member

Large Hospital Client

In all my years of managing physician payments, I have never seen anything close to what Ludi offers. They've thought of everything. DocTime is going to save my staff hours of time each week. I love the intuitiveness of the design, the features and reporting, to name a few.

What benefits do Ludi customers typically experience?

Increase in ROI

Most clients see 5x ROI in first year alone

Reduction in costs

Many clients have had a 50% reduction in their administrative time and costs


Ludi provides protection from regulatory violations that can cost up to millions of dollars

Big news! We're thrilled to announce that DocTime® Productivity 2.0 is coming soon!