The Challenge

Avoiding the Hospital Blindspot

Hospitals and health systems continue to overlook a blindspot in their operations called, “physician spend” – the total dollars spent on physician arrangements.

Why? Because this data is often siloed within hospital organizations, garnering zero visibility. And the underlying processes driving physician spend data – specifically, tracking physician time logs and payments – are typically paper-based, overly complicated and, for many, an afterthought.

Yet, this exact of a scenario is the reason why many hospitals still have to spend millions of dollars to settle related compliance mis-steps – whether it's because of Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute or Sunshine Law violations.

Enter, Ludi.

Ludi’s DocTime Technology Suite is designed to effectively measure what you’re spending on your physician contracts, enterprise-wide, by helping you automate two critical processes within your operations: physician time log documentation and corresponding payments to those doctors. Our technology was designed for physicians with direct feedback by physicians. And, being a data-obsessed team, we constantly look for patterns and trends to help drive meaningful results for your organization.

It’s win-win for everyone. Hospitals stay within key compliance regulations, while lowering expenses and increasing reimbursement and team productivity levels. And physicians reduce their chances of burnout and feel more satisfied at work because they get paid on-time, have less manual processes to worry about and, best of all, they get to concentrate on their true passion: caring for their patients.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

We conducted a hospital market survey in 2018 and found a couple of concerning trends in the way hospitals measure physician spend and related operations today:

27 percent of hospitals still do not collect time logs for physician administrative work, which violates Federal laws.

Health systems are not measuring their physicians employed time and 42 percent do not require employed physicians to complete time logs for administrative work.

If a health system does get the paper time log process rolling, there are still major pockets for errors:

21 percent reported illegible time logs

71 percent reported issues with late submission

21 percent deal regularly with the dreaded “rework” for clarification

Looking for ways to stay within compliance regulations?