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The Challenge

Tackling the Compensation Conundrum

Providers and care teams are key to clinical and financial results, yet, too often, the complexity of compensation casts a shadow over their job satisfaction and dedication.

Ludi addresses this critical challenge with an innovative approach.

Enter, DocTime®.

Our DocTime® Suite is an integrated provider app and financial management system that helps healthcare organizations manage all of the data associated with their provider agreements. It tracks physician activity in real-time, gathers the necessary approvals, then seamlessly delivers payment information to finance teams (payroll or Accounts Payable) for easy distribution to providers.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

In our most recent hospital survey we found two key trends in the way hospitals manage and track physician contracts and corresponding physician payments.

Trend #1: The On-Going Toll of Administrative Work in the Compensation Process


55% of physicians report spending 1 to 3 hours per day on administrative work unrelated to patient care or EHRs.


68% of physicians said burnout was an issue they were currently dealing with or had dealt with in the past.

Trend #2: The Need for Hospital Automation Software


83% of hospital finance professionals described the process of paying physicians at their hospitals as “very cumbersome” or “with some challenges.”


68% of physicians agreed hospitals should alleviate administrative burden in order to increase satisfaction.

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