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Introducing DocTime Productivity 2.0

Transforming Provider Compensation Management for Healthcare Sustainability

We are operating in an era of unprecedented financial and operational challenges for healthcare:
  • Hospital labor costs have surged 24.8% since 2019¹
  • Contract labor expenses have skyrocketed by 257.9%¹
  • A projected physician shortage of up to 124,000 by 2034 threatens care quality²
With over 77% of physicians now employed by healthcare organizations and nearly 50% of a hospital’s operating costs going to labor, including provider spend, effective provider compensation management has become an operational imperative to stay competitive3,4.

Health systems across the United States are investing heavily to streamline their internal processes, equip their clinical teams with tools that align with value-based reimbursement, and build multi-disciplinary teams to foster collaborative physician relationships through trust and transparency.

At this year’s HFMA conference, we’re proud to unveil the next phase of our product roadmap: DocTime® Productivity 2.0. Building on Ludi’s decade-long leadership in provider compensation solutions, this latest innovation is designed to empower provider compensation teams with purpose-built technology to address the entirety of their workflow and compensate providers faster and more effectively. DocTime Productivity 2.0 is a self-service system, giving clients full control over their employed compensation processes and data. This evolution represents more than an update – it’s the culmination of years of collaboration with our customers and development partners. Through listening, learning, and innovating together, we’ve created a solution that addresses the evolving needs of healthcare organizations today and into the future.

DocTime Productivity 2.0 builds on our core strengths with these powerful new features:

1. Comprehensive Provider Analytics

Gain valuable insights through intuitive dashboards showing payment breakdowns and productivity and quality metrics for each provider, with comprehensive reports to assess individual, group, and system-wide productivity.

2. Advanced Payment Calculation Engine

Our robust system automatically calculates precise payments and true-ups based on each provider's specific comp plan terms, handling any type of production-based payment. Users have full control to add, edit, or delete new compensation plans in a self-service, intuitive payment wizard.

3. Intelligent Integrated Productivity Workflows

We've streamlined data review, contract ingestion, approval workflows, comp statement distribution, and more.

4. AI Integration

We’ll introduce advanced AI capabilities throughout DocTime as part of our ongoing commitment to leverage cutting-edge innovation to improve efficiency and deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

DocTime Productivity 2.0 is more than just a tool – it’s our vision for the future of provider compensation management where any type of arrangement with a physician can be tracked and managed in a system that works for all stakeholders. We’re creating a world where:

  • Healthcare organizations navigate complex compensation models with ease and confidence.
  • Providers feel valued and fairly compensated, boosting satisfaction and retention.
  • Financial teams own their own data with tools to make strategic decisions ensuring long-term sustainability.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we’ll build a more transparent, efficient, and satisfying compensation process that benefits both healthcare organizations and providers.

Ready to learn more?

Stop by our booth #454 at HFMA to learn more about this game-changing capability and how it can benefit your organization. Also, sign up to be notified about the launch!

Let’s shape the future of provider compensation together. Your insights and experiences are crucial as we continue to refine and expand our solutions. We look forward to partnering with you on this vital mission.

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3 Avalere Health (2024). “Updated Report: Hospital and Corporate Acquisition of Physician Practices and Physician Employment 2019-2023”<br>
4 Definitive Healthcare (2023). “Healthcare Insights: What is a Hospital’s Biggest Expense?”

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