Physicians Talked and We Listened: What a Doc-friendly App Actually Looks Like

These days it feels like every piece of software marketed for physicians
promises to save time. But what ends up happening? You trade a 5-step
process that you knew like the back of your hand for a “new” 4-step
process that ends up taking even more time!

At Ludi, our dedication to a truly streamlined physician user experience is realized every day by the thousands of physicians using DocTime Log® with little-to-no training necessary. With 4 large “can’t miss” buttons (Log Hours, Submit, Messages, and History), DocTime Log’s interface just makes sense. Besides, physicians have enough to think about.

This latest update is in response to feedback we solicited directly from thousands of our physician users. We received a ton of quality improvement ideas– ways to make things even simpler and more intuitive. This update is our way of showing our users that we hear you and want you to keep the feedback coming!

Some highlights of our latest app update include: 

1-Tap Contract Switching With a tap of the Switch button in the upper right corner of the app, physicians can quickly jump between active contracts. Easily switching contracts is a big timesaver for
physicians who rely on DocTime Log to help manage multiple contracts.

My Activity Tab – My Activity is a new, dedicated tab that gives physicians a place to easily review the duties logged for their oldest cycle pending submission, helping to answer the question, “Did I log that

New Design – We’ve updated the user interface of DocTime Log with a clean, modern style that manages to improve upon the already intuitive app navigation. 

With the latest update to DocTime Log, we’ve streamlined the experience even more, resulting in an app that continues to help your physicians get paid, stay compliant, and return quickly to what matters
most – providing care.

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Our client was named one of Modern Healthcare's Top Innovators of 2019 for her implementation of our DocTime Log app!