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We're revolutionizing the healthcare industry, one hospital at a time, and we have many insights to share based on years of experience. Check out our infographics, research, case studies and videos.


Infographic: How To Simplify The Physician Payment Process

The process of paying doctors can be time-consuming and confusing for hospital organizations. However, you can leverage a number of tactics to make managing physician payments easier. Check out our quick guide.
Mockup of an iPad featuring the "How To Simplify The Physician Payment Process" guide

Infographic: 5 Steps to Optimize Your Hospital's Budget with Physician Spend Data

One of the most critical financial categories for hospitals is “physician spend” — the total dollar amount you spend on every physician arrangement each year. How can you optimize your budget though using physician spend data? Here are five tips from our experts.

Infographic "5 Steps to Optimize Your Hospital's Budget with Physician Spend Data" mock-up on an iPad pro with keyboard and pencil

Infographic: 5 Things Every Physician Contract Should Have

Before you finalize a physician contract, stop and be sure it contains the five things listed in our infographic. Otherwise you might find yourself in hot water!

Laptop mock-up of "5 Things Every Physician Contract Should Have"

Guides & Playbooks

a quick guide for hospitals: 7 Tips for an effective medical directorship strategy

Medical directorships are partnerships between physicians and administrative leadership that are vital for ensuring top-notch medical care and clinical services. But managing these agreements and payments is a tricky task! Our guide will help you create an effective (and risk-free) medical directorship strategy.
PDF mockup of Medical Directorship Guide


Hospitals are grappling with labor shortages and pressure to implement cost-cutting tactics. As a result, they’re turning to automation to simplify costly operational processes. This is especially true for physician payment processes. Our buyer’s guide can help you evaluate your options in physician payment automation.
Mockup image of the Physician Payment Automation Guide

Quick Guide to Buying Physician Payment Automation Software

70% of hospitals are unsatisfied with their physician payment processes. Our guide will help you understand why that is. It’ll also show you how physician payment automation can help and what to look for in an automation solution.

Tablet device mockup of a "Quick Guide to Buying Physician Payment Automation Software"


Major Cause of Physician Dissatisfaction…Too Much Paperwork?

Ludi’s survey finds administrative burdens, beyond EHR-related work, are driving a wedge between hospitals and physicians.
Physician Paperwork Survey mockup on a mobile device with Apple Pencil

White Papers

How Innovative hospitals are simplifying physician payments with automation

Our latest white paper takes a deep dive into the complex world of physician compensation strategies and the critical pieces of technology infrastructure that’s revolutionizing the way that doctors get paid.


What’s a major financial issue hospitals face? Tackling their ‘physician spend’. 

Mockup of "Pulse Check on your Physician Spend" White Paper by Ludi

Case Studies

Pomona Valley Hospital logo
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) is an acute-care hospital serving Eastern Los Angeles and Western San Bernardino Counties. Prior to being introduced to Ludi’s DocTime physician- payment technology in 2020, PVHMC’s compliance contracts manager spent much of her workday tracking down the paper logs physicians used to record time for medical directorships. The entire process was time consuming; something had to change.
Western Reserve, a physician-owned hospital in Ohio, paid physicians for administrative time through medical directorship contracts. Realizing the inefficiency and risk of managing contracts and tracking physician time on paper, Western Reserve sought a technology solution partner to streamline physician payments and introduce standardization. With Ludi’s DocTime, they achieved their goal and much more.
Edgerton Hospital and Health Services Logo
Edgerton Hospital, a critical access hospital in the Midwest, wanted to streamline how they were tracking physician time. For many years, the process had been manual as they relied on paper logs and weekly emails from the medical staff coordinator. All of that changed when they partnered with Ludi.
iPad Pro mockup of Edgerton Hospital case study


Thumbnail for "What are the biggest physician contract issues?" video
Video thumbnail showing the Ludi logo with the video title, "How do hospitals manage physician contracts today?"

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Looking for ways to reduce compliance risk with your physician contracts?

CASE STUDY: California Hospital Streamlines Physician Payments, Saving Time and Costs with DocTime®.